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Does the Albany Empire Soccer Club have any sponsors? 

Every Year during the Blizzard cup Tournament we have several Sponsors who help make our Tournament a possibility for our Club Members and other LGBTQIA+ Soccer Clubs across the country gather to play competitive Soccer, You can find them on our website at: https://www.albanyempire.com/sponsors/

What if I don’t want to play, but want to support the team?

Enthusiastic and energetic fans are always welcomed. We have many ways of supporting the team, please feel free to contact us at recruitment@albanyempire.com.

Should I join if I have never played before?

New players of all skill levels are welcomed. If you are concerned about your ability level, we encourage you to join us for a game before committing to a full session.

How do I join the Albany Empire Soccer Club?

If you are interested in joining the Albany Empire Soccer Club, please contact us at recruitment@albanyempire.com.

Does the Albany Empire Soccer Club participate in tournaments or play other gay teams?

Starting with only a few dedicated members, we have played in several tournaments across the country, including Vancouver, Provincetown, New York City, Philly, and D.C.. We are always looking for new tournaments and teams to play against.