2022 Executive Board Elections

The voting period has begun. Voting will be open until 6pm on January 7th. The statements of intention for our candidates can be found below, under the position they are running for. Though some positions received only one official candidate, voters are given the option to write in any team member of their choice. Descriptions of the functions of each of the board positions can be found here. Thank you for your vote!


No Nominee

No nominations submitted for this position.

Vice Chairman:

Jay Zhang

I have been helping formulate the foundation of the Club since 2013 and it has been ultimately a rewarding experience initiating and welcoming new and returning club members into our little community. The Club continues to grow bigger, so my hope is to curate a plan to outlast any current and new boards for the future of the club. I want to work on a plan to allow for this growth and push the club forward, but most importantly, I want to always make every club member feel valued in their involvement and their participation, no matter how small. Our club is as strong as our members, and this past year has proven that. Part of Recruitment of new club members is the recruitment of currently participating members, meaning recruiting them to participate in helping make our club stronger. I intend to continue to be involved with helping every single Board Member with tasks with my Skill Sets. These include technical, managerial, social, and organizational capabilities.



I would love to run for Clerk so I can become even more involved. I have seen the club grow over the past few years, and I want to help continue that growth. I have been the team leader during staff meetings, so I am accustomed to taking minutes and relaying important information to everyone on the team. I have also been on the board of clubs in college and am aware of the importance of organization, communication and leadership. Being a supervisor to a team of staff has also helped me be a better leader, as I have worked with many different types of people and have learned to be a better listener. If I were to be elected as Clerk, I would like to help grow the connections with other LGBTQ+ teams that we already affiliate with. Since joining the club, I have not been the most involved, and haven’t attended as many events and fundraisers as I would’ve wanted. I want to grow the connections of everyone involved in the club, and get more people to events and fundraisers. I would also like to include the opinions of the club members in decision making.

Sports Director:

Dan Bollana

I’ve been with the club almost 10 years. I understand the needs of the members in improving their soccer abilities. If you’ve met me you know I care deeply about the long term success of this organization. I hope to expand our club through skills development programming, informal play, and social events for recruitment. 


Christina Colgary

The highlight of my week (every week) is playing on the field as a member of our Albany Empire Soccer Club. I have greatly enjoyed my role as the Clerk and supporting our LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly community, a community that warmly welcomed me when I first moved to Albany over two years ago. During my time on the board, I have helped plan summer practices, captain teams, coordinate community outreach/events, post (frequently) on social media, and help with overall club organization. Notably, I had the pleasure of working closely with and laughing with one of the best humans, Kate Pauly. Kate not only cracks me up and has helped me be a better cat mom, but she has also started to show me the ropes of non-profit fundraising. I am excited about the possibility of continuing our club’s fundraising initiatives, especially for our bigger events such as Tops vs Bottoms and our upcoming Blizzard Cup. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful for our soccer club and hope for the chance to shift to a new role as The Treasurer!

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