About Us

Established in 2010, Albany Empire is the Capital Region’s first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Soccer Club.  Albany Empire provides an opportunity for all individuals to play, learn and enhance their soccer skills in a friendly, yet competitive environment.

Currently we have three men’s soccer teams that play locally in a competitive indoor adult league hosted by Afrim’s Sports. The team also scrimmages other gay-friendly soccer clubs and travels to other gay and lesbian soccer tournaments. We are hoping to expand the group’s membership to include a women’s and co-ed team.

If you’re an experienced soccer player or just someone willing and wanting to learn how to play, we welcome you. The Albany Empire is not just for players. We are fortunate enough to have loyal and dedicated supporters. Please feel free to join our fans at our next game.


2017 Albany Empire Soccer Club Board Members

Albany Empire Board 2017-1

Michaele Keyes: Chairman

Albany Empire Board 2017-2

Robert Upton: Vice Chairman

Albany Empire Board 2014-5

Matt McMorris: Sports Director

Albany Empire Board 2014-5

Jonny Puglia: Treasurer

Albany Empire Board 2017-3

Huai Huang: Clerk