2019 Blizzard Cup Standings


Team Names #  W  D  L PtsGFGAGDGP
Steal Your Manblers1314101520-58
Back That Pass Up2602182710178
Bone Collectors31073533-288
Boston Creampies461119237168
Boston Seamen5521172212108
Flamingo Cocktails6512162313108
Houston Haycocks70080827-198
Pink Tacos820661230-188
Slide Into my DMs9512163619178


Blizzard CupField 1Field 2Field 3Field 4
Round 12  vs  93  vs  84  vs  75  vs  6
Round 23  vs  14  vs  95  vs  86  vs  7
Round 34  vs  25  vs  16  vs  97  vs  8
Round 45  vs  36  vs  27  vs  18  vs  9
Round 56  vs  47  vs  38  vs  29  vs  1
Round 67  vs  58  vs  49  vs  31  vs  2
Round 78  vs  69  vs  51  vs  42  vs  3
Round 89  vs  71  vs  62  vs  53  vs  4
Round 91  vs  82  vs  73  vs  64  vs  5


1Back That Pass Up32Slide Into my DMs
2Bone Collectors12Pink Tacos
3Boston Creampies30Houston Haycocks
4Boston Seamen42Flamingo Cocktails
1Bone Collectors02Steal Your Manblers
2Boston Creampies21Slide Into my DMs
3Boston Seamen20Pink Tacos
4Flamingo Cocktails10Houston Haycocks
1Boston Creampies12Back That Pass Up
2Boston Seamen11Steal Your Manblers
3Flamingo Cocktails33Slide Into my DMs
4Houston Haycocks12Pink Tacos
1Boston Seamen50Bone Collectors
2Flamingo Cocktails32Back That Pass Up
3Houston Haycocks14Steal Your Manblers
4Pink Tacos27Slide Into my DMs
1Flamingo Cocktails01Boston Creampies
2Houston Haycocks13Bone Collectors
3Pink Tacos05Back That Pass Up
4Slide Into my DMs62Steal Your Manblers
1Houston Haycocks12Boston Seamen
2Pink Tacos04Boston Creampies
3Slide Into my DMs71Bone Collectors
4Steal Your Manblers03Back That Pass Up
1Pink Tacos36Flamingo Cocktails
2Slide Into my DMs43Boston Seamen
3Steal Your Manblers24Boston Creampies
4Back That Pass Up40Bone Collectors
1Slide Into my DMs63Houston Haycocks
2Steal Your Manblers02Flamingo Cocktails
3Back That Pass Up23Boston Seamen
4Bone Collectors06Boston Creampies
1Steal Your Manblers43Pink Tacos
2Back That Pass Up61Houston Haycocks
3Bone Collectors06Flamingo Cocktails
4Boston Creampies22Boston Seamen

Goal Count

MattSlide Into my DMs2
YunioBack That Pass Up2
EricBack That Pass Up2
MarcBack That Pass Up2
JohnnyBone Collectors2
KevinSlide Into my DMs2
PJSlide Into my DMs2
JuanBack That Pass Up1
ChuckBack That Pass Up1
SashaBack That Pass Up1
JordanBone Collectors1
RyanBone Collectors1
JayBone Collectors1
PaulSlide Into my DMs1
WestonSlide Into my DMs1
PrestonSlide Into my DMs1